Pest Guard deals in wide variety of products that complements its Pest Control and Hygiene Services and Agriculture Sector. All these products are sourced from international reputable manufacturers and distributors. As for its services, we thrive on supplying Quality products to our customers. We do not deal with any sub-standard or low quality products, hence we warrant satisfaction and value for money to our customers for the products we supply.

The major products we deal in include pesticides for public health and agriculture, fumigation sheets and general cover tarpaulins and equipment including moisture meters, gas monitoring meters, manual and motorized sprayers, gunny bags sewing machines, safety and personal protective equipment and other agricultural machineries.Click on links below for more details.


We deal in Public Health Pesticides and Agricultural Pesticides. We are registered with Tropical Pesticide Research Institute (TPRI) as importers and sellers of Pesticides in Tanzania. We only deal with Pesticides registered and approved for use in Tanzania by TPRI. For detailed list of pesticides and information.

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We supply high quality fumigation sheets at economically competitive price. With specifications as per UN-FAO guidelines, our Fumigation Sheets are durable and gas tight as such they are resistant to tearing and ultra violet light. We also supply General Covers Tarpaulins. For more information and technical specifications

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Our Range in Equipment includes Moisture Meters, Gas Meters, Sprayers, Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Agricultural Machinery. For more information, Click Here.

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