Fumigation Sheets / Tarps

Fumigation Sheets

We supply high quality of fumigation sheets for fumigation of food commodities in the warehouse and open spaces, with specifications as recommended by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of United Nations. Some of the features of our fumigation sheets are as follows:

  • Standard Size: 18m x 18m
  • Material: Laminated Gas Tight PVC (White)
  • Light enough to carry and cover with Mass of 250 – 270 gsm (about 90kg each 18m x 18m)
  • Resistant to Ultraviolet Light, with stability of temperatures upto 800C
  • Resistant to Tearing
  • Impermeable to Fumigation Gases

General Covers

We supply tarpaulins made of Canvas and PE materials for use as general covers for protection of food grains, cement, fertilizers, cotton, chemicals and machineries against rain water and others. We supply these to cement companies and agricultural commodity dealers. The standard size for PE Tarpaulins is 20m x 30m made of HDPE Material of 150gsm, with Panels joined by special high frequency welding. Making them Un-detachable and durable.